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Headquartered in Houston Texas, Founded by industry veterans.Energy Texas advertises a focus on customer service, rewards, and affordable prices.

About Energy Texas

Founded in Houston in 2021 by several Texas retail electric market veterans, Energy Texas focuses on Texas-sourced renewable energy and a customer-first experience. It stresses digital engagement with its customers to get more diverse and customizable service offerings.

Energy Texas earned a Gold Award, coming in second in our 2022 semi-annual ratings by offering unprecedented low rates, a suite of customer rewards, options and features, and white glove level customer service. Also notable is that the company supports active military and first responders with a 5% discount off their energy charge every month.

Energy Texas Plans & Rates

Energy Texas currently has 6 plans available on our site.

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Type Company & Plan Term
Fixed Rate 36 Inflation Fix 36
Month-to-Month Energy Texas Monthly 1
Fixed Rate The Gruene 18 18
Fixed Rate Bigger Than Texas 24 24
Fixed Rate Taste of Energy Texas 3 3
Fixed Rate Come & Take It 12 12

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Energy Texas Ratings

The overall score for Energy Texas is 4.29. Their best category was Operations where they earned a score of 4.77, while their worst rating came in at 3.57 in Market Perception. More detailed information on these ratings is available on our Energy Texas Rating Detail page.

Energy Texas earned a Gold Award in our most recent semi-annual rating process with an overall rating of 4.29

Texas Electricity Ratings's Gold Tier Providers are the best of the best in Texas electric. These are the best providers over the past year at providing customers and communities great service, stellar customer service, and top of the line resources, just to name a few things. When you select one of these providers, know you're choosing from among the best options in the Texas electric market.

  • Rating Overall
  • 4.29
  • Communications
  • 3.59
  • Community
  • 4.68
  • Market Perception
  • 3.57
  • Operations
  • 4.77
  • Products
  • 3.83

Energy Texas Frequently Asked Questions

Texas electricity deregulation, and Retail Electricity Providers can be complicated.

To answer your frequently asked questions about Energy Texas read on.

What is the cheapest electricity plan that Energy Texas has?

The cheapest Energy Texas plan is Energy Texas Monthly with a rate starting at 11.0¢ per kWh. Customers of Energy Texas can expect their average bill to fall around $98 per month on this plan. This plan's early termination fee is $0. This is a 1 month plan.

More details on this plan can be found on the Energy Texas Monthly plan page or by calling 866-656-0374.

Energy Texas has 5 more plans with rates starting at 11.1¢ per kWh@1000/kWh and estimated monthly bills starting at $99.

Where can I order Energy Texas electricity?

You can find 6 plans starting at 10.1¢/kWh on our Energy Texas plans and products page.

What do customers think about Energy Texas?

The average customer review in Texas is 1.9. The average Energy Texas customer review is 3.9 / 5 stars. For a different take you can go on over to our company ratings page for Energy Texas

Why is my electricity rate higher than when I signed up?

The rate you see when you sign up is the average rate at that exact amount of usage in one billing cycle.

Some companies try to game the system by applying bill credits between certain usage thresholds. It works great if you are within the margins, but as soon as you leave that band you no longer get that bill credit and your rate per kWh can double. The PUC only requires that companies disclose their average rates at 500, 1000, and 2000 kWhs. Companies can get around this by giving you a $50 bill credit if you use between 1000 and 2000 kWhs per billing cycle.

The only way to really know what you're getting into is to read your EFL. A 10¢ rate at all usage amounts may end up being cheaper than that 8¢ rate at 1,000 kWh!

What are the cheapest natural gas plans that Energy Texas has?

This retailer does not offer any natural gas plans in your area at this time.

Does Energy Texas have no-deposit plans?

Unfortunately, Energy Texas does not offer any non-deposit plans at this time. Popular non-deposit plans from other reps are:

What if I'm interested in buying Energy Texas's energy plans?

We currently do not offer any Energy Texas plans at this time.

Other popular plans you can try instead are Constellation's 12 Month Usage Bill Credit starting at 16.9¢/kWh or Constellation's starting at 0¢/kWh just to name a few!

What companies are similar to Energy Texas?

Some companies that are like Energy Texas in price range and user ratings are Constellation and Constellation.

Here is an overview of these two:


  • Average Plan Rate: 14.2¢/kWh
  • Plan Types: Bill Credit, Fixed Rate, Tiered Rate
  • Cheapest 12 Month Fixed: 12 Month (No Min Usage Fee) 17.9¢/kWh
  • Cheapest 24 Month Fixed: -
  • Average User Rating: 3.3/5.0


  • Average Plan Rate: 14.2¢/kWh
  • Plan Types: Bill Credit, Fixed Rate, Tiered Rate
  • Cheapest 12 Month Plan Fixed: 12 Month (No Min Usage Fee) 17.9¢/kWh
  • Cheapest 24 Month Plan Fixed: -
  • Average User Rating: 0/5.0

Is Energy Texas good?

Energy Texas has a customer rating of 3.5/5.0 stars (this is out of reviews). This score is calculated by averaging the total number of reviews in our website.

What are some good companies in my area?

In Houston, Texas there is:
  1. 4Change Energy 4.1/5.0 with an avg. plan rate of 17.4¢/kWh.
  2. Energy Texas 3.9/5.0 with an avg. plan rate of 13.1¢/kWh.
  3. Chariot Energy 3.8/5.0 with an avg. plan rate of 21.7¢/kWh.
  4. Champion Energy Services 3.5/5.0 with an avg. plan rate of 14.5¢/kWh.
  5. Constellation 3.3/5.0 with an avg. plan rate of 18.6¢/kWh.
  6. Veteran Energy 3.1/5.0 with an avg. plan rate of 18.6¢/kWh.
  7. TriEagle Energy 2.5/5.0 with an avg. plan rate of 16.1¢/kWh.

What are some cheap electricity plans in my area?

The most affordable electricity plans in Houston, Texas are:

  1. Taste of Energy Texas 3 for 3 months starting at 11.1¢/kWh.
  2. Frontier Saver Plus 24 for 24 months starting at 11.8¢/kWh.
  3. Frontier Saver Plus 12 for 12 months starting at 11.9¢/kWh.
  4. TrueClassic 6 for 6 months starting at 13.3¢/kWh.
  5. TrueClassic 36 for 36 months starting at 13.4¢/kWh.

How much do electricity plans cost per month?

The monthly bill will vary by season (with the winter and summer seasons being the more expensive periods) and the size of your home. In 2022 in Houston, Texas, the average electricity plan rate is 16.4¢/kWh. On average, that means

  • A small home will use around 500kWh of energy times 16.4¢/kWh totalling $82 per month.
  • An average-sized home will use around 1000kWh of power times 16.4¢/kWh totalling $164 per month.
  • A large home will use around 2000kWh of power times 16.4¢/kWh totalling $328 per month.

You can price electricity plans in your area here.

Featured Plans for Energy Texas

These are a few plans that we think you'll like. We also have a more detailed listing of all TX plans for Energy Texas, or you can use our Energy Texas Rate Comparison Page to find a great deal

36 Inflation Fix
  • 13.8¢/kWh
    at 1,000kWh
  • 36 month Fixed Rate Renewable
  • $126/mo.
    est. avg. bill
    Based on a yearly usage curve averaging 1,000 kWh per month
  • 36 month
  • Fixed Rate
  • Renewable
Energy Texas Monthly
  • 11.0¢/kWh
    at 1,000kWh
  • 1 month Variable Rate Renewable
  • $98/mo.
    est. avg. bill
    Based on a yearly usage curve averaging 1,000 kWh per month
  • 1 month
  • Variable Rate
  • Renewable
The Gruene 18
  • 13.8¢/kWh
    at 1,000kWh
  • 18 month Fixed Rate Renewable
  • $126/mo.
    est. avg. bill
    Based on a yearly usage curve averaging 1,000 kWh per month
  • 18 month
  • Fixed Rate
  • Renewable

Energy Texas In The Community

Though Energy Texas is still a new kid on the block, the company has been striving to make a difference in the lives of Texans everywhere. One of its cornerstones has been to support active military and first responders with a 5% discount off their energy charge every month. Energy Texas also helps its customers contribute to their community through their Customer Rewards Program. Customers earn rewards credits when they pay their bill on time and they can apply these credits as a donation to a charity of their choice.

How do I get the Cheapest Energy Texas Rate?

We've created a step by step guide to help you get the cheapest electricity rate. Or you can use our Bill Calculator tool.

Listed here are the cheapest rates offered by Energy Texas in your area. If you would like, you may compare all Energy Texas rates, or view all Energy Texas plans and products to choose the best electricity plan for your home.

Energy Texas Rates for Houston

Company & Plan Term Rate
Energy Texas - Energy Texas Monthly 1 month 11.0¢
Energy Texas - Taste of Energy Texas 3 3 month 11.1¢
Energy Texas - 36 Inflation Fix 36 month 13.8¢

Houston - Centerpoint Electricity prices as of 02-07-2023. Compare Houston Electricity Rates.

Energy Texas Rates for Dallas

Company & Plan Term Rate
Energy Texas - Energy Texas Monthly 1 month 10.1¢
Energy Texas - Taste of Energy Texas 3 3 month 10.2¢
Energy Texas - 36 Inflation Fix 36 month 12.3¢

Dallas - Oncor Electricity prices as of 02-07-2023. Compare Dallas Electricity Rates.

Energy Texas Rates for Abilene

Company & Plan Term Rate
Energy Texas - Energy Texas Monthly 1 month 10.3¢
Energy Texas - Taste of Energy Texas 3 3 month 10.4¢
Energy Texas - 36 Inflation Fix 36 month 12.9¢

Abilene - AEP North Electricity prices as of 02-07-2023. Compare Abilene Electricity Rates.

Energy Texas Rates for Corpus Christi

Company & Plan Term Rate
Energy Texas - Energy Texas Monthly 1 month 10.5¢
Energy Texas - Taste of Energy Texas 3 3 month 10.6¢
Energy Texas - The Gruene 18 18 month 13.6¢

Corpus Christi - AEP Central Electricity prices as of 02-07-2023. Compare Corpus Christi Electricity Rates.

Understand Your Energy Texas Bill

Unsure about how to decipher your Energy Texas bill?

We can help.

Check out our How to Understand your Energy Texas Bill page where you can get information on what the various charges and fees mean.

Reviews for Energy Texas

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Energy Texas Scores and Ratings:

Texas Electricity Ratings Overall Score for Energy Texas

4.3 / 5

Energy Texas Reviews

Reviews for Energy Texas

total reviews

News Articles About Energy Texas

ERCOT Adds LOTS More Green Energy Sources for Summer

Posted on

Texas Still Leads in Green Energy Sources

Green energy sources could help keep eletricity prices low on the Texas grid this summer.
Find out why adding 9 GW of green energy sources may make Texas electricity on the ERCOT grid more affordable this summer.

ERCOT forecasts a summer peak demand of 82,739 MW. And to meet this demand during AC season, ERCOT’s additional 9.1 GW power grid capacity from 2022 will be very useful. And better yet, this added capacity comes from renewable sources. This doesn’t just secure Texas’ place as the leader of green energy sources in the US. It can also reduce Texas electricity prices

What Green Energy Sources Mean for Dallas Consumers?

While no coal-burning plants will likely be retired in ERCOT this year, more power is generated from renewable energy than coal. In fact, in March 2022, wind power was the 2nd largest energy generation source in the US. And Texas is famously the leader in wind power.

Apart from the pride Texans can feel for environmental protection, this directly benefits consumers. Especially since ERCOT also has a battery capacity of 4,459 MW to satisfy the peak summer 2023 demand prediction. And having more supply has a great effect on prices.

Consumers in Texas may see significant price drops for electricity this summer. Plus, with the predicted fall of natural gas prices, you’ll likely find good deals as early as the Spring shoulder months.

Will We See Spring 2022 Prices Again?

Power prices more than doubled between the summer of 2021 and summer of 2022. We reached the peak in historical energy prices in September 2022. So, there is a good possibility for cheaper electricity. However, will energy prices ever return to how they used to be?

Two years ago, the average rate for a 12-month plan in Dallas was 11.2 cents per kWh. Today, the average rate is closer to 16.1 cents per kWh. Although we have seen a steady decline since the September peak, energy prices still have a ways to go before they return to normal. But for now, we’re on track to see Spring 2022 prices again.

When to Shop for Electricity in Texas

If you’re shopping for a new plan right now, it may be worth monitoring the prices before you commit. The Spring shoulder months are close, and you’ll likely find much better rates in April than you would now. Waiting a short term can mean more savings long term.

If your plan has just expired, and your current provider doesn’t offer a favorable rate, the Energy Texas Monthly variable rate is definitely worth considering. Currently, Dallas-based customers can take advantage of its 10.1 cents per kWh energy charge for 1000 kWh monthly average usage. At that rate, your monthly estimated electricity bill would be only $95. 

Switching providers to sign onto a fixed rate plan for 3 or 4 months and cancelling might not be worth it. True, the Energy Texas plan is a variable rate. But while there’s no guarantee the price will be the same next month, the current price trend still makes it a good bet.

But How to Find the Best Deals

The best way to save money on electricity is to compare the current deals and choose the best one for your household. And the best place to do that is at You can view all the current electricity deals in your area, monitor the prices, and commit when you see the predicted price drops. Although the Spring Shoulder Months are still a few months away, hopefully, the wait will be worth it.

What's This Texas "Market Securitization (Debt) Financing" Charge?

Posted on

Explaining the new market charge on Your EFL

A new market charge appears on Texas electricity EFLs. Find out what's behind it, how it affects your monthly electric bills, and how it affects find the best electric plans.
A new market charge now appears on Texas electric plan EFLs. Find out what's behind it and how it affects shopping the best electricity rates.

Usually, you can see the base charge, energy charge, and delivery charges listed on your Electricity Facts Label (EFL). But, you may have noticed a new “market securitization (debt) financing” charge as well. What is this “market securitization (debt) financing charge”? And how much will it cost you? Understanding all charges on your bill can help you get the best electric rate. So, let's find out!

It All Started in 2021

In February 2021, Winter Storm Uri caused a major power crisis in Texas. The storm and the subsequent outages damaged over $100 billion worth of property and led to the deaths of at least 200 Texans. 

For Texas Retail Electricity Providers (REPs), the power grid failure was a devastating business blow. Contracted to deliver electricity to overloaded lines, providers had to buy wholesale electricity at $9,000/MWH instead of the usual $32/MWH. This meant that many had to go out of business. And those who didn’t were left with a tremendous amount of debt. 

How the Market Securitization Charge Benefits Texas

In many ways, Storm Uri was a wake-up call. Sharing a grid means that the failure of some affects everyone else too. So, handling future grid emergencies better benefits everyone in Texas. That’s why the Public Utility Commission of Texas found that paying this debt off as soon as possible is in the best interest of the public. 

And so, the legislation that allowed the market securitization (debt) financing charge to be added to your bill went live in June 2021. According to House Bill 4492, Texas REPs can add this charge to their bills for the next 30 years. This is also referred to as ERCOT’s uplift charge.

With this money, REPs can pay off their debts to ERCOT quicker, and prepare for another crisis ahead of time. Adding it as a small charge to your bill spreads the costs over many years and minimizes the financial impact if a crisis like Winter Storm Uri happens again.

How Much Will This Cost You?

Since each REP owes a different share of debt to ERCOT, each provider will have unique market securitization charges. Most will charge you based on your usage.

For example, the market securitization (debt) financing charge at Energy Texas is currently 0.0563787 cents per kWh. So, if you use 1000 kWh per month as an Energy Texas customer, your market securitization charge will be 56.37 cents.

But, you’d pay a different amount depending on the provider you choose. And every provider will round this figure to the nearest cent on your bill.

Stay Informed About Texas Electricity

To shop for the best electric deals in Texas, visit Compare current rates, read EFLs, and choose the best plan for your home. Be sure to follow our blog and use our resources to learn more about electricity in Texas. 

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