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Updated June 15, 2021

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Power To Choose: What they aren't telling Texans

When Texas deregulated the Retail Electricity market in 1999, Texans were provided with Electric Choice and the PUC established the Power To Choose as an educational website to help consumers make better electricity choices. Initially this was a good thing. The PUC fostered Texas Electric Choice, a competitive, head to head marketplace that featured flat rate products. And differentiations were based on low cost to serve, green energy support, term length and cash or reward incentives to switch. Unfortunately, over time The Power to Choose has been abused by providers who manipulate their prices to show specific prices at specific usage levels (500, 1000 and 2000 kWh.) Other providers launched promotional plans that start with low rates for 1-3 months then increase or double, while others use low introductory variable incentive rates, then increase your rates throughout the term of your contract. Shockingly, Variable Rate Plans seldom go down.

Another problem with Power to Choose is that any licensed Texas electricity provider can promote their plans on the site, Regardless of their reputation, customer service complaints, PUC violations or BBB rating. There is NO CONTROL over which companies can list their products!

There are quite a few suppliers whose only source of customers is the Power To Choose website. They woo you with an impossibly low rate, all the while knowing that they will jack your bill up with unfair fees and hidden charges to try to boost their profits! And if you try to talk to them, they skimp on customer service hoping you'll just hang up and pay your bill to keep the lights on.

Why is Texas Electricity Ratings better than PowerToChoose?

We strive to bring transparency to the electricity marketplace. We want you to pick a plan that works for you! To do this, we offer several exclusive tools to help you!

Power to Choose Electricity Rates

Plan Name
Rate Stability
15 Month Fixed Rate
15 month
Fixed Rate
12.7¢ / kwh
at 1,000 kWh per bill
  • Great for small homes
  • Low Rates regardless of usage!
  • 24 Month Bill Credit
    24 month
    Bill Credit
    10.2¢ / kwh
    at 1,000 kWh per bill
    12 Month Bill Credit
    12 month
    Bill Credit
    7.9¢ / kwh
    at 1,000 kWh per bill
    12 Month Bill Credit
    12 month
    Bill Credit
    9.9¢ / kwh
    at 1,000 kWh per bill
  • Enjoy a low fixed rate and stay cool this summer!
  • 36 Month Fixed Rate
    36 month
    Fixed Rate
    12.7¢ / kwh
    at 1,000 kWh per bill
  • Simple, straightforward pricing
  • Price Protection for 3 years
  • 12 Month Bill Credit
    12 month
    Bill Credit
    7.9¢ / kwh
    at 1,000 kWh per bill
  • Big Time Bill Credit
  • No Monthly Base Charge
  • 12 months of bill stability
  • 12 Month Flat Rate
    12 month
    Flat Rate
    9.0¢ / kwh
    at 1,000 kWh per bill
  • Low Average Bill
  • Donates to Charity
  • Good for Medium Homes
  • 24 Month Fixed Rate
    24 month
    Fixed Rate
    13.1¢ / kwh
    at 1,000 kWh per bill
  • 100% Solar Energy
  • Reduce your Carbon footprint
  • No Bill Surprises
  • 12 Month Tiered Rate
    12 month
    Tiered Rate
    7.9¢ / kwh
    at 1,000 kWh per bill
    12 Month Tiered Rate
    12 month
    Tiered Rate
    8.9¢ / kwh
    at 1,000 kWh per bill

    What is The Power To Choose

    The Power to Choose provides an easy way to shop for Texas electricity rates. Unfortunately it is often confusing and misleading. It’s often referred to as “The Power to Confuse” as many Texas electricity companies use it as their primary source of electricity orders.

    The one thing that the power to choose provides is complaint data from the Texas PUC. This complaint data provides great insight into companies ability to accurately bill, and provide customer service in a timely manner.

    Most complaints that the Texas PUC receives are billing related, which is different from the data that Texas Electricity Ratings uses. TER rates rank and reviews providers based on real-time data, prices, features, reviews from our users, 3rd party reviews, 3rd party data sources, surveys and real time plan analysis.

    So, based on Power to Choose Scorecard who are the top ranked providers available on Texas Electricity Ratings. (as of May 2021)

    About the Power to Choose Rating Scorecard:

    The Power to Choose scorecard uses a five dot system to indicate where 5 dots = The Lowest Complaints per 1000 customers.

    Power to Choose Scorecard Legend

    ●●●●● Lowest Complaint Rate

    ●●●●○ Lower than Average Rate of Complaints

    ●●●○○ Average Complaint Rate

    ●●○○○ Higher than Average Rate of Complaints

    ●○○○○ Highest Complaint Rate

    The Power to Choose Scorecard

    Power to Choose Ranking

    Provider/ Brand













    Just Energy











    US RETAILERS (Cirro, Discount, Pennywise)








    Power to Choose Scorecard Methodology:

    REPs are scored into five groupings of approximately equal size based on a 6- month rolling average of complaint rates per 1,000 customer relative to other companies.

    Signficant changes in the complaint score may occur from month-to-month for smaller REPs based on only a few complaints. This complaint scorecard should be viewed as only one measure of the customer service provided by REPs.

    Please note the complaint score is based on a rolling 6-month average of the total number of informal complaints investigated, irrespective of whether or not the company was determined to be at fault or adequately resolved the customer's complaint. (Note - this means - the Count of Complaints - EVEN when the Provider is not liable)

    In many cases, the PUC's informal complaint process adequately addresses the customer complaints with quick resolution by the REP. You may wish to also review other resources regarding a REP's customer service such as your local Better Business Bureau.

    Power To Choose FAQ

    Who can I trust to have the best electricity rates

    TexasElectricityRatings has over 10,000 five star reviews on Shopper Approved and Over 1400 Google Reviews, and has been featured on Channel 2 News in Houston, The Dallas Morning News, and the Houston Chronicle

    What is the Power to Choose?

    Texans Have the Power To Choose their own electricity provider, giving you direct access to hundreds of offers and choices, and savings

    Who has the cheapest electricity rates in Texas?

    The cheapest 12 month electricity rate is 7.500. Watch out for month to month and variable rates. For example a super low 5 or 6 cent rate may only be effective for a short term, or for a narrow band of usage, example 1000 to 1200 KwH then the rate JUMPS to 12 cents at 1201 KwH.

    How can I get a better deal on electricity?

    The Best way to get a better electricity rate is to understand your usage, credit and then compare rates at TexasElectricityRatings.com

    Are there more plans available?

    Absolutely! If nothing from the above list struck your fancy, we've got lots of other options available:

    Popular Brands

    These brands are consistently popular choices for many Texans. You'll recognize names like TXU, Reliant, Gexa, and TriEagle

    Low Price Leaders

    Price is always an important consideration, but you still want a reliable company that can take care of your needs. We've pulled together a group of brands that are leaders in low prices in Texas. You'll find established brands as well as up-and-comers here.

    Premium Brands

    If you're looking for the best providers, you'll find them here at Texas Electricity Ratings. Our expert scoring process really brings the best companies to the top of the list! Choosy consumers, this list is for you!

    Local Texas Brands

    Texas - it's like a whole other country! And who better to serve Texans than your fellow citizens? These brands started right here and continue to show their Lone Star pride.

    Low Deposit Companies

    We've all been there, sometimes you need electricity but your credit isn't pristine. Many of our customers who thought they would be in for a massive deposit have been pleasantly surprised by how low the deposits are with certain providers.

    Consistent Electricity Rates on your bill

    In the Texas electricity market, it can be hard to know just what rate you should expect on your bill. We've grouped together a great set of plans that feature simple, straight-forward pricing, so you know just what to expect! Use more, pay more. Use less, pay less. It just makes sense!

    All Texas Plans

    Hey, if you like choice, we have you covered. With around a hundred plans availble in almost all areas of Texas, you won't find a bigger list to choose from. To get started, just put in your zip code:

    Real power to choose: Texas Electricity Ratings

    Texas Electricity Ratings ranks companies based on multiple independent data sources, including: customer reviews, kilowatt-per-hour rates, Public Utility Commission of Texas complaint statistics, JD Power & Associates ratings and company standings with the Better Business Bureau. We also take into account individual plan types, standard features offered by each electricity provider, customer reward and incentive programs, customer service wait times and more.

    To make sure you get a great utility provider AND a great rate, we've reviewed hundreds of electricity plans and combined them with our ratings, so you can quickly compare both price and quality at the same time in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth metro areas. Not in the big cities? No problem, we have rates for many other Texas cities as well!

    When customers rate, everyone wins!

    Texas Electricity Ratings recognizes that customers may use our site to justifiably complain about poor service and bad experiences with individual electricity providers. However, our goal is not to be a complaint forum, but rather a community that takes many different aspects of a company into account in order to provide a balanced and fair overview to help benefit consumers.

    Texas Electricity Ratings provides you and other shoppers the opportunity to take an active hand in their deregulated market by writing a review of your deregulated utility supplier.

    Check out customer reviews for some popular companies:

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